Azure Damsel (Chrysiptera hemicyanea)
Barlett's Anthias (Pseudanthias bartlettorum)

Banggai Cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni)

Common Name: Banggai Cardinalfish
Scientific Name: Pterapogon kauderni
Reef-Safe: Yes
Min. Tank Size: 10 gallons
Captive Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Max. Size: 8 cm (3.1")
Range: Central eastern Sulawesi, Indonesia at Banggai Islands, several small islands off newarby eastern Taliabu Island, and luwuk vicinity. Also introduced by aquarium collectors to Lembeh Strait region of northern Sulawesi and Secre Bay, Bali.
Depth: 0 - 16m (0 - 52.5ft)
Diet: Carnivore
Remarks: In the wild this fish is often found in aggregations of 20 or more fish sheltering among branching corals or spines of Diadema urchins. Mouth brooding. Newly hatched fry remain in mouth for about 6-10 days. Readily spawn in captivity.