Purple Firefish Goby (Nemateleotris decora)
Red Firefish Goby (Nemateleotris magnifica)

Rainford Goby (Koumansetta rainfordi)

Common Name: Rainford Goby
Scientific Name: Koumansetta rainfordi
Reef-Safe: Yes
Min. Tank Size: 20 gallons
Captive Care: Intermediate
Temperament: Peaceful
Max. Size:  7.7 cm (3")
Range: Indonesia (north-eastern Kalimantan and Bali eastward) and Philippines to Fiji and Australia (Queensland and Northwest Shelf) to Marshall Islands
Depth: 3 - 30m (9.8 - 98.4ft)
Diet: Omnivore
Remarks: The Rainford Goby is a peaceful fish and makes an excellent addition to a reef tank. Their diet consists of filementous algae and small meaty crustacean. Similar to the Hector's Goby (Koumansetta hectori).