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Simply put we are coral fanatics. We keep a keen eye for the most unusual and colorful corals that will brighten any aquarium and become the prized centerpiece. We always hold our corals for at least 2 weeks before putting them up for sale to let them adjust to aquarium saltwater and artificial lighting. All acropora and clams are taken under 400w radium metal halide and T5 while the rest are are taken under Kessil A360we LED pendants with 100% white and blue at 50% intensity.


POTO has been widely regarded as the go-to source for some of the healthiest fish for aquariums because of our meticulous conditioning practice. We take our time to let all fish get used to a prepared diet and captive routine. This allows them to get over any shipping trauma and build up body fat before being sold. Our customer often report fish eating right out the bag, indicating a specimen that is well adapted to captivity. 

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Our space has been designed to operate in a warehouse setting. As such we are not open to the public. However local customers can pick up their orders. You can also make an appointment to visit our shop by sending us an email to support@piecesoftheocean.com, or text/call us at 646-580-4398.

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