POTO Conditioned

There is more to disease prevention and treatment than just the conventional sense of "QT". A fish that is physically robust and confident often fares better than those that don't. For example, a fish that feels safe will naturally seek out food, thus take to feeding easier in the aquarium. Here at POTO we focus on conditioning and preparing every fish's ability to adjust to captive care so they have the best chance of thriving in your aquarium. We are so confident in our fish that we can offer you the industry's first and only 30 Day Guarantee on our POTO Conditioned fish.


What goes into the conditioning process varies based on each individual fish, and sometimes we have to get creative. Some aspects of the process are characterized by the following:

  • We don't have a large facility, thus allowing us to pay personal attention to each fish.
  • When a fish arrives it receives a bath in either fresh water, Praziquentel, or Safety Stop to get rid of any external, unwanted bacteria and parasites.
  • During the conditioning period that lasts 4 weeks, the fish is continually dewormed by being fed food mixed with Praziquantel.
  • We aquascape each tank with plenty of live rock, instead of making it into a "PVC city". This has the benefit of helping skittish and shy fish in feeling comfortable, safe and gaining confidence quicker and helping fish stake out territories.
  • We never catch fish using a net. It harbors bacteria and can do harm to the fish physically causing unnecessary stress. Instead we herd them into a plastic container when extracting them.
  • A fish is never released if it's not eating aggressively, not to mention showing signs of disease. It is not unusual for a customer to receive a fish that is thick-bodied and extremely robust.


"Fish are susceptible to a wide variety of bacterial pathogens. Many of these bacteria capable of causing disease are considered by some to be saprophytic in nature. This bacteria only become pathogens when fishes are physiologically unbalanced, nutritionally deficient, or there are other stressors, i.e., poor water quality, overstocking, which allow opportunistic bacterial infections to proceed." - (http://ag.ansc.purdue.edu/courses/aq448/diseases/bacteria.htm)

Any medication administered is harsh on the fish, and some may accumulate inside the fish's body or even cause lasting damage to the fish's internal organs. Therefore we try to minimize our fishes' exposure to harsh medication after the initial bath on arrival by adhering to a strict guideline to maintain pristine water condition, employing industry-standard UV sterilizer, and never allowing tanks to be overstocked. However, if a fish does show signs of disease we will act accordingly and carefully after determining the cause of disease. This could range from simply letting the fish fight it off, as it's been shown that fish develop lasting immunity to certain disease after recovering from it, to administering carefully selected medication such as quinine sulfate in lieu of copper for the Cryptocaryon irritans (marine ich) strain that is hyposalinity-resistant and fast-killing. 

Rest assure that no matter what we do and how we do it, the end goal is to always deliver a healthy and robust specimen that is prepared for your aquarium. This is why we are so confident in our fish that we can offer you the industry's first and only 30 Day Guarantee on our POTO Conditioned fish.