Achilles Tang (Acanthurus achilles)

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Common Name: Achilles Tang
Scientific Name: Acanthurus achilles 
Reef-Safe: Yes 
Min. Tank Size: 180 gallons 
Captive Care: Difficult 
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive 
Max. Size: 25 cm (10") 
Range: Oceania to the Hawaiian and Pitcairn Islands, Wake, Marcus and Mariana Islands, Eastern Central Pacific, southern tip of Baja California , Mexico and other offshore islands 
Depth: 0 - 10m (0 - 32.8ft) 
Diet: Herbivore 
Remarks: Likes high-energy flow and water saturated with oxygen. Extremely active swimmer. Should be the last fish added to an aquarium as it will act aggressive toward new tangs. Achilles is monogamous. 


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