Flame Angelfish (Centropyge loricula)

Common Name: Flame Angelfish
Scientific Name: Centropyge loricula
Reef-Safe: Generally not reef-safe; some reportedly reef-safe during early introduction but usually will start nipping sooner or later
Min. Tank Size: 70 gallons
Captive Care: Easy
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive 
Max. Size: 15 cm (4") 
Range: Central Pacific to West Pacific: Hawaii, Marquesas, Marshall Island, Kiribati, Great Barrier Reef, and Indonesia
Depth: 15 - 60m (49 - 197 ft)
Diet: Omnivore
Remarks: One of the most recognizable and imported marine fish in the hobby. Males are characterized by sharp edged dorsal fin and anal fin, with distinctive blue and black horizontal lines. Females have a shorter and rounder body. Often found in singly or pairs in the wild.