Gem Tang (Zebrasoma Gemmatum)

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Common Name: Gem Tang
Scientific Name: Zebrasoma Gemmatum
Reef-Safe: Yes
Min. Tank Size: 100 gallons
Captive Care: Easy
Temperament: Aggressive
Max. Size: 23 cm (9") 
Range: Mauritius to Madagascar and Natal 
Depth: 25 - 60m (82 - 196.9ft) 
Diet: Herbivore
Remarks: While abundant in the East Africa waters where it comes, this fish is exported out of Mauritius only. Its extremely remote and limited collection attributes to its high price. Truly a gem in the sea, the gem tang makes an instant show piece in any adequately sized aquarium. It is a boisterous species that shares the same temperament and hardiness as its close relative the purple tang.

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