Melanurus Wrasse (Halichoeres melanurus)

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Common Name: Hoeven's Wrasse
Scientific Name: Halichoeres melanurus
Reef-Safe: Yes
Min. Tank Size: 50 gallons
Captive Care: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful
Max. Size: 10.5 cm (4") 
Range: Indonesia to Samoa, north to the Ryukus and south to the southern Great Barrier Reef 
Depth: 2 - 15m (7 - 50ft) 
Diet: Carnivore
Remarks: Also called the Hoven's Wrasse. Known to consume a variety of unwanted parasites in a reef aquarium, including flatworm (the red planaria type), pyramid snails that invest clams, and monti-eating nudibranchs.

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