Queen Angelfish (Holacanthus ciliaris)

Common Name: Queen Angel
Scientific Name: Holacanthus ciliaris 
Reef-Safe: With Caution 
Min. Tank Size: 250 gallons 
Captive Care: Intermediate 
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive 
Max. Size: 45 cm (17.7") 
Range: Western Atlantic, Florida, USA, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico to Brazil 
Depth: 1 - 70m (3.2 - 229.6ft) 
Diet: Omnivore 
Remarks: Found on coral reefs. Generally occurs solitarily or in pairs. Moves gracefully between seafans, seawhips, and corals. Feeds almost exclusively on sponges supplemented by small amounts of algae, tunicates, hydroids and bryozoans.