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Inverts for Sale

Inverts are some of the most fascinating and beautiful marine creatures on a reef. We try to keep a variety of inverts in stock, from tridacna clams to different types of anemones, including RBTA or the highly coveted Colorado Sunburst.

Keeping inverts is a not only a very fun but also essential part of the hobby, as some perform a crucial role as problem solver for your tank. For example, turbo snails and emerald crabs make a great clean up crew for hair algae. Cleaner shrimps are cool looking and also great at cleaning up uneaten food left on the bottom. Harlequin shrimps eat starfish that can become unsightly when their numbers grow out of control, and some these starfish even eat corals. Peppermint shrimps and berghia nudibranchs are great at eating pest aiptasia anemones. The list goes on and on.

Keep your eye open in this section as we constantly refresh our stock and those we culture become available.

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