Auction How-Tos and Rules

  • How Bidding Works (Normal vs Proxy Bidding):

    Normal bid is the traditional way to bid. The amount you bid is the amount you are going to pay if you win the auction. Everyone can see your normal bid.

    Proxy bid (also called automatic bid) is a concept in which the auction automatically bids on your behalf up to the maximum bid that you choose. This makes the online bidding experience easier and less time-consuming, freeing you from having to be in front of the computer to participate in the auction. Only you can see your proxy bid.

    For example: Suppose an auction starts with $10 as the starting bid with $1 being the minimum bid increment. Reefer A places a proxy bid of $20. The auction will now automatically bid from $10 up to $20 on behalf of Reefer A. Now Reefer B joins and places a bid of $15, but will immediately be outbid by Reefer A with a new minimum bid of $16 (per the minimum bid increment of $1). To outbid Reefer A, a bid of $21 or more has to be placed. If Reefer B places a bid of $20, which is equal to Reefer A's maximum bid, Reefer A will still be the highest bidder and the new minimum bid will become $21. If Reefer A's proxy bid is the highest bid at the end of an auction, he/she will win the auction at the current minimum bid of $16. And only Reefer A can see the proxy bid amount.

    How to Place Your Bid: You can now place a normal bid or a proxy bid using one button. If your bid is greater than or equal to Current Bid + 2x Minimum Bid Increment, or 2 * (Minimum bid - Current bid), it will be a proxy bid. 

    Basically if you bid double the minimum bid increment or more, your bid will be a proxy bid. Otherwise it will be a normal bid.

    For example: If the current bid is $100 and the minimum bid is $110, which means the minimum bid increment is $10, and you place a bid for $120 (Current Bid + 2 * Minimum Increment), it will be considered a proxy bid. If you bid less than $120 then it will be a normal bid.

    Below shows the new UI reflecting the single button used for placing an normal bid or a proxy bid:

    New Update 11/2019:

    Consider this scenario:

    Current bid is $90
    Minimum bid is now $100 (Minimum Increment is $10)

    Reefer A placed a normal bid of $100. Then later, placed a proxy bid of $200. Further, Reefer B placed a normal bid of $195 and the auction ends.

    Since the difference in bid amount between Reefer A and Reefer B is less than the minimum increment ($10), the system would not automatically place Reefer A's proxy bid. Reefer B would be the winner at $195.

    The highest bid wins regardless of minimum increment. In this case, Reefer A is the winner at $200.

  • How to pay for your won auction items. 

    Click here to find out how to pay for your auction items.
  • Rules

    When you participate in our auction, you indicate that you understand the following rules and will abide by them.

    You must have an account registered with a valid email, a valid phone number, and be logged into your account to bid. All accounts with a fake email or a fake number will have their bids and accounts deleted without warning.

    All ship-out orders from winning auctions and Second Chances require a minimum of 2 pieces or a total purchase value of $100 per box before shipping charge is applied, whichever comes first. Remember that you can always add to your box from our WYSIWYG section. This requirement does not apply to local pickup.

    There is NO free shipping on auction items. You can combine your corals into one box at no additional charge. Please see our Shipping Info for more details on shipping.

    You are given 24 hours after an auction has ended to pay. If an order is not paid for after 24 hours, your item will be listed under Second Chances for everyone else to purchase. So please pay in a timely fashion.

    Although we are pretty relaxed about non-paying - we understand life happens, but consecutive non-payers will  be banned from our auction. Non-payers drive up prices, waste others time, and ruin the experience for other bidders that actually want an item. We will always contact you first before taking such a drastic action. But failure to respond to us in the time given will get you banned.

    All auction orders must be shipped within 7 days. We do not allow combining auctions into 1 ship out. Your order will be fulfilled and shipped just like any other purchase you make on our site. Our standard guarantee policy applies.

    We allow local pickups anytime during store hours. We will not hold longer than 7 days.

    We do not refund or credit any shipping costs.  No coupons, credit, or any other additional discounts apply to auctions with the exception of gift certificates.

    Auction rules and policy are subject to change at anytime at our discretion.

    All sales are final and no cancellation is allowed.

    We are not responsible for errors as a result of server downtime, site errors, and technical glitches. We reserve the right to cancel an sale for any reason.

    Please do not attempt to abuse the bidding system in any way. It ruins the experience for others. If you are found to be in violation, your account will be deactivated and your bids will be deleted. We monitor every round of auction.

    And happy bidding!