Auction How-Tos and Rules

How Bidding Works:
1. Normal Bid- The amount you bid is the amount you are going to pay if you win the auction. Everyone can see your normal bid.  The minimum bid for others will be your normal bid + incremental.  

2. Proxy Bid- The auction will automatically bid on your behalf up to the maximum bid that you set. Proxy bids are hidden to others. Only you can see your proxy bid. Tip: This option is less time-consuming, freeing you from having to be in front of the computer to participate in the auction, all while setting a ceiling for what you are willing to pay.

3. Buy Now
All items have the option for Buy Out. To buy now simply add the item to cart and check out. When an item gets bought out the auction is effectively ended.

Example 1: 
Starting bid is $10. Current bid is $90
Minimum bid is now $100 (Minimum Increment is $10)

Reefer A placed a bid of $130 (which is a proxy bid because it is (min bid + 2X bid increment). 
Reefer B placed a normal bid of $100, the system will show they are being outbid and will need to enter a higher bid, $110, $120.
When the auction ends. Reefer A is the winner at $130.

Example 2:
Starting bid is $5. Current bid is $20
Minimum bid is now $25 (Minimum Increment is $5)

Reefer A placed a normal bid of $30.
Reefer B placed a normal bid of $40.
When the auction ends, Reefer B is the winner at $40.

Example 3:
Starting bid is $20. Current bid is $50.
Minimum bid is now $51 (Minimum Increment is $1)

Reefer A placed a proxy bid of $60 (Wednesday 9:45pm).
Reefer B placed a proxy bid of $60 (Thursday 2:00pm). Remember they both placed proxy bids but are not aware of the other's bid because it is hidden.
Reefer C waits until the last minute and places a normal bid of $60. (Friday 8:50pm)
When the auction ends, Reefer A is the winner at $60. even though all three Reefers were willing to pay the same amount. Whoever placed their bids first wins. 

Winning Bid:
The highest bid wins. For instances, where there are multiple bids in the same amount from different users the proxy bid wins (proxy bid > normal bid).
An email will be sent to notify you of all winning bids. 

You are given 48 hours after an auction has ended to pay by logging into your account to pay for your auction items. 

If an order is not paid for after 48 hours, your item will be forfeited and listed under Second Chances for everyone else to purchase. So please pay in a timely fashion.

We understand life happens, but consecutive non-payers will be banned from our auction. Non-payers drive up prices, waste others time, and ruin the experience for other bidders that actually want an item. We will always contact you first before taking such a drastic action. But failure to respond to us in the time given will get you banned.

1. There is no free shipping for auction items alone. Auction items can be combined with non-auction products and will ship free with $250 of WYSIWYG products.
All ship-out orders from the Auction require a minimum of $60 value (before shipping).  Can be combined with WYSIWYG orders. Due to COVID-19, all ship-out orders must now ship on Monday & Tuesday as we navigate our operation around COVID-19.
We do not allow combining auctions from different weeks into 1 ship out.

2. Local Pick Up:  Due to COVID-19, all local pickup orders must be paid in full. We no longer accept pay-in-person for online orders.
All auction orders must ship on Monday and Tuesday, and before the next auction. 

We do not refund or credit shipping costs.  Credit, or any other additional discounts do not apply to auctions with the exception of gift certificates.

Must have a registered account, valid phone number, and be logged in to bid. 
Auction rules and policy are subject to change at anytime at our discretion.
All sales are final and no cancellation is allowed.
Fake email or phone numbers will have their bids/accounts deleted without warning.
Please do not attempt to abuse the bidding system in any way. It ruins the experience for others. If you are found to be in violation, your account will be deactivated and your bids will be deleted. We monitor every round of auction.
We are not responsible for errors as a result of server downtime, site errors, and technical glitches. We reserve the right to cancel any sale for any reason.

Happy bidding!