Pre-Black Friday Live Sale How-To and Rules

How It Works:

- Pay attention to the live chatroom, new products will be dropped every 5 minutes 

- Once you click on a product from the chatroom, it will disappear from everyone else. You have 15 minutes to checkout with it or it will be re-listed! (Just having the item in your shopping cart does not count)

- All corals are WYSIWYG. The only way to get access to those corals is by following the link we post here, as they will not be be published anywhere else. 

- It helps to have an account registered and be logged in as items in live sales sell out really fast.

Shipping and Local Pick-Ups:

We offer a special shipping rate valid only for this Live Sale of $29, regardless of how much you buy, to anywhere in the continental United States. We ship FedEx with Overnight Priority. There is no free shipping.

All Live Sale orders must ship Monday - Wednesday of the following week (11/22, 11/23, 11/24). You will get a chance to choose your shipping dates when you check-out.

We will not be able to hold any corals beyond these dates.

There is no need to prepaid for a shipping module. You simply pay shipping when you buy your first coral, and choose "Local Pickup or Combine with Existing Order" when you make a separate purchase after. All your Live Sale orders will be combined into one ship out.

Local Pick-Ups can be made during our normal business hours of Wednesday - Sunday, 11am - 6pm.


Due to the amount of people purchasing frags, sometimes two people can place orders for the same coral at once. We will honor the order that comes through our website first. The other person will get the same frag if available or a refund. is a family-friendly and hobbyist-focus platform. We reserve the right to remove messages and users at our discretion that are not conducive to a friendly and respectful environment.

Prior promos are not valid during our live sale, except gift certificates.

All Purchases are final. No returns and no exchanges. You buying a coral renders others unable to buy the said coral but wanted to.

Rules are subject to change up to the start of the live sale.